Yadhu Gopalan: The Builder's Mindset [Built in Seattle Ep. #21]
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Yadhu Gopalan: The Builder's Mindset [Built in Seattle Ep. #21]

Yadhu Gopalan, CEO & co-founder at Esper, talks about changing strategy to double revenue in the pandemic, following passion, and the builder's mindset.

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Esper has been flying under the radar.

But the results are impressive. They doubled revenue during the pandemic, grew from 38 to 60 employees this year, and raised a $7.6M Series A in February.

They planned to target hospitality and retail with the new funding.

Then the pandemic happened.

Yadhu Gopalan had to change strategy quickly. By focusing on new verticals, they accelerated growth, built a team, and now they expect to triple in Q3.

Yadhu shares his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • Why the pandemic forced quick changes at Esper.
  • How shifting strategy led to new, bigger opportunities.
  • Day in the life of startup CEO managing a global team and still writing finding time to write code.
  • How Yadhu's builder mindset got him obsessed with solving this problem.
  • The "what if" questions he asked to find a market insight.
  • Why he likes have a co-founder who is his opposite.
  • The power of following passion and curiosity
  • Why start a company after 25 years at MSFT and AMZN.
  • Why "all roles are open" and growing the team.
  • Coffee as a continuity instead of a count.

Yadhu Gopalan Bio

Yadhu Gopalan co-founded Esper with 25 years of experience and 35 patents in embedded systems and security. A former Chief Architect at Microsoft and Amazon, Yadhu worked on the Windows CE OS, the FireOS, AWS backend systems, and Amazon Go. Today, Yadhu is CEO and unofficial CTO of Esper, an Android DevOps minicorn.