Vetri Vellore: Context Over Control [Built in Seattle Ep. #19]
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Vetri Vellore: Context Over Control [Built in Seattle Ep. #19] CEO & Founder, Vetri Vellore talks about the hardest mistake to fix, betting on human potential, and finding an uncommon insight in a crowded category.

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Ally's growth might have caught your attention. They 4x'd revenue, went from 14 to 110 employees, raised $26M, and won Geekwire's startup of the year. All that in just 3 years.

Ally sells software to help businesses with OKRs. But Vetri has an uncommon point of view on his market. He wants to be the new way for businesses to manage performance, shifting from an HR tool to a business operating system. It's a big idea and it's working in the market. Vetri started developing the philosophy behind Ally over 20 years ago when he read The Balanced Scorecard.

Vetri shares his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • What really matters in the long-term and why it's easy to lose track.
  • Why messing up values is hard to fix later.
  • The tactics of values. How he builds values into every part of the operations.
  • Why context matters more than control when setting goals.
  • How a book from 20 years ago planted the seed for Ally today.
  • Why the job of CEO is about creating the right environment.
  • The difference between data-driven vs personality-driven.
  • How he entered a competitive market with an uncommon point of view.
  • How Ally's OKR solutions is the foundation for a new business performance solution.
  • The difference between individual performance and company performance solutions.
  • What are OKRs and how do they help teams succeed.

Vetri Vellore Bio

A serial entrepreneur, Vetri built Ally's OKR solution as an internal tool to help his team at his previous (and still successful) enterprise SaaS company.

The realization that we live in a new world where agility, alignment, and transparency are mission critical to growing businesses hit hard, and Vetri discovered the OKR framework; a simple, yet powerful model for improving organizational agility, alignment, focus and transparency.

Prior to founding two SaaS businesses, Vetri turned around the $200M+ Systems Management enterprise software business at Microsoft. He lead the Visual Studio platform team and managed the partner ecosystem, shipping several v1 and award-winning products over his 14-year tenure at Microsoft.