Sidney James: Rethinking Employee Feedback [Built in Seattle Ep. #20]
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Sidney James: Rethinking Employee Feedback [Built in Seattle Ep. #20]

Inyore Founder, Sidney James, talks about the early stage process, his story, and finding a safe place for employees to give feedback.

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Inyore helps employees anonymously share issues with employers. It's for hard topics like racism, fear, and safety.

Sidney James got the idea after he experienced discrimination when applying to tech jobs in Seattle.

He was surprised and wanted to share direct feedback with the companies. But there wasn't a safe way to do it. When asking around, he found many others with similar experiences.

Sidney shares his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • The experiences that led to the idea for Inyore.
  • Transitioning from school teacher to tech founder.
  • The results of his A/B test to indicate race (and not) on job applications.
  • How he interviewed others to find related problems.
  • His surprising discoveries from user interviews.
  • Why people don't speak up inside companies and the fear of judgement.
  • The scrappy first product that led to Inyore.
  • How big company employees using his MVP led him to go full-time.
  • The challenges of building social product for anonymous users.
  • Why starting was the hardest part and how the community opened up after he took the first steps.

Sidney James Bio

Sidney James is the Founder & CEO of Seattle-based Inyore, a platform where professionals may freely express themselves without the fear of backlash and judgment. Prior to that, Sidney was teaching Upper School Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurship & Innovations at Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences (SAAS).