Sara Itucas: Serving Immigrant Founders [Built in Seattle Ep. #7]
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Sara Itucas: Serving Immigrant Founders [Built in Seattle Ep. #7]

Sara Itucas, COO and Co-Founder at LegalPad, talks about serving immigrants and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

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On this episode of The Build in Seattle Podcast, I talked with Sara Icutas, COO and Co-Founder at LegalPad (

She's an immigrant founder herself and her story is at the core of the company’s mission.

They just raised $10M and tripled the team size. The team felt like the world was their oyster.

Then a global pandemic started.

We talked specifically about how she's navigating the current environment, finding new opportunities, and delivering the right message for her team.

Sara mentioned the book "Decisive" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath as a source of inspiration right now.

Sara Itucas Bio

Sara has dedicated her career to creating technology solutions around work visas. She began her career in immigration software at Teleborder, a Y Combinator company that was acquired in 2013. In addition to building software and managing a network of attorneys at TriNet, Sara also handled TriNet’s press inquiries from outlets that included The Wall Street Journal and CNN when they sought expertise in corporate immigration.
Sara’s passion for immigration stems from the value she places on her own immigration story: Sara immigrated to the United States from the Philippines at age 5, and she then grew up in Hawaii and Palo Alto.