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As a 3x startup founder, I have spent my career learning the hard way – by trying and experiencing the outcome firsthand. This has been formative, but also painful. I started this podcast as a way to learn from others. My goal is to uncover timeless lessons from top entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in the Seattle tech community. I avoid the product pitches and focus on the people, how they think, and how they operate. On this podcast, you will hear from CEOs and founders of billion-dollar-plus businesses like Outreach, Convoy, Redfin, and Remitly, leaders from growing startups like CrowdCow, Rubica, and Ally.io, and top investors like Madrona, PSL, Ascend, and Founders Coop.

[Ep #01] Manny Medina (CEO & Co-Founder at Outreach.io): Lessons from $0 to $1B

Outreach is a $1B+ SaaS unicorn in Seattle. But the story started with 2 years of failure. Then they found a pivot. Hear the story and go behind the scenes with CEO Manny Medina on company culture, life as a unicorn, and what he's learned.

[Ep #24] Kelly Breslin Wright (Former EVP at Tableau, Board Director): What Really Matters

Imagine growing sales from $0 to $850M over 12 years. Kelly did that at Tableau as EVP Sales. Now she's a Board Director at Fastly, Lucid, Amperity, and more. She goes behind the scenes on her leadership lessons and what really matters in company building.

[Ep #11] Matt Oppenheimer (CEO & Co-Founder at Remitly): The Road Less Traveled

1,000+ employees, over $300M in funding, nearly $1B valuation, just 9 years in... Remitly's numbers impress. But I love the story even more. Go behind the scenes with Matt Oppenheimer on the path from business school to Kenya to Seattle and his learnings building Remitly.

[Ep #22] Matt McIlwain (VC at Madrona): The Learning Loop

20 years as a VC at Madrona. Headline IPOs like Accolade, Smartsheet, Apptio, Isilon. Invested in cloud before it was cool. 3x Midas list. 3x CB's top 100 VC list. Matt goes behind the scenes on his lessons (from the highs and lows), Madrona's philosophy, and how the best leaders work.

[Ep #16] Liz Pearce (CEO & Co-Founder at Fresh Chalk): Avoiding Comparison

Fresh Chalk connects consumers to local Pros. They have a $2M seed, experienced founders, and a big market. Liz Pearce, CEO & co-founder, goes behind the scenes on Fresh Chalk's insight, leadership lessons from multiple startups, avoiding comparison, and how she's building trust & culture with her co-founders.

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