Omri Mor: Avoiding Assumptions [Built in Seattle Ep. #43]
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Omri Mor: Avoiding Assumptions [Built in Seattle Ep. #43]

Routable Co-Founder & CEO, Omri Mor talks about customer discovery, fundraising, and avoiding assumptions.

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Routable's growth and $30M series B are impressive headlines.

But their customer discovery process really stood out. Omri Mor interviewed over 300 customers before writing a single line of code.

He was entering a "boring" space – helping businesses automate payments, AR, and AP. These are big, hard, problems that have been around for a long time. Winning would require an intimate understanding of the customer. It would require understanding the nuances of existing systems. It would require replacing competitors. It would be a big task.

Omri wanted deep conviction before diving in. And because of lessons he'd learned from past pivots and misses, he was relentless in his process.

Just 4 years later, Routable has raised $46M, accelerated growth, and earned the love of customers like Ticketmaster, Re-Max, and Snackpass.

Omri shares his lessons on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • How he raised a $30M series B in about 1 week.
  • Why he did 300+ interviews before writing any code.
  • Why engineering velocity won investor confidence.
  • How to validate a replacement solution.
  • Why "assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups."
  • How Routable has been inspired by Steven Segal movies.
  • Why YC asked him "what the hell were you doing for the last 9 months?"
  • How leading questions lead you to build the wrong product.
  • The transition from mad scientist to CEO.
  • Why Outreach is Omri's Seattle business role model.
  • Why Matt Oppenheimer is Omri's Seattle leader role model.