Nick Martin: Connecting With The Work [Built in Seattle Ep. #40]
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Nick Martin: Connecting With The Work [Built in Seattle Ep. #40]

Joe Coffee CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Mar talks about on avoiding sameness, overcoming anxiety, and connecting with the work

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Anyone who has dealt with anxiety (i.e. all of us), will like Nick Martin's story.

He co-founded Joe.Coffee. They have raised $3.5M to help local coffee shops run digital ordering. The pandemic accelerated their growth from 15-20% per month to 3x growth in a single month. The model went from outbound to inbound almost overnight.

But it was a long and winding round to get started. Nick and his brother didn't have "friends and family money" to launch the business. He was dealing with anxiety and self-doubt. And it took a lot of time and grit to go all-in when his "burn the boats moment" arrived.

Nick shares pronouns his lessons on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • How the pandemic flipped Joe's business model from outbound to inbound.
  • What happened when growth when from 15%/month to 3x in a month.
  • Coming to terms with anxiety and self-doubt to become a founder.
  • Why having a "burn the boats" moment helped clarify the path forward.
  • How building storage sheds with his parents taught him the value of family businesses.
  • Why the spirit of small business is important to maintain in a world of sameness.
  • Using clear values to pick the right investors and partners.
  • How to get started without "friends and family money"
  • Why Remitly is his Seattle business role model.
  • Why Yifan Zhang is his Seattle leader role model.