Liz Pearce: Avoiding Comparison [Built in Seattle Ep. #16]
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Liz Pearce: Avoiding Comparison [Built in Seattle Ep. #16]

Fresh Chalk CEO & co-founder and startup veteran, Liz Pearce talks about avoiding comparison, leadership lessons from multiple startups, and how she's building trust & culture with her co-founders at Fresh Chalk.

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I've learned a lot from Liz Pearce. And I'm not alone. She's been a super-connector in the Seattle startup community.

Now Liz is CEO at Fresh Chalk. They have a founding team with multiple wins, $2M seed, and a huge market.

Perhaps Seattle's next big B2C story?

Liz shared her story and lessons on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • How a spreadsheet that everyone wanted led to the insight for Fresh Chalk.
  • Why Liz believes in "getting your fingernails dirty," even when you've had success.
  • Why comparison happens, but doesn't work.
  • How to get out of the losing game of comparison.
  • How Liz became a connector and what that means.
  • The role of CEO as a conductor.
  • Building trust with co-founders.
  • How to approach the "ambiguous and amorphous responsibility of building culture"

Liz Pearce Bio

Liz Pearce is the CEO of Seattle-based Fresh Chalk, a social network that helps you find professionals that your friends recommend. Prior to that, Liz was with LiquidPlanner for 11 years, starting as the company's marketing contractor and working her way up to COO in 2011 and ultimately to CEO in 2012. Before LiquidPlanner, she held marketing roles at Amazon, Google, and PlayStation and ran an independent marketing consulting business. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from The George Washington University.