Laura Clise: Collaborating for Change [Built in Seattle Ep. #46]
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Laura Clise: Collaborating for Change [Built in Seattle Ep. #46]

Intentionalist Founder & CEO, Laura Clise, talks about building partnerships with top tier brands, reframing consumer spending, and learning from small business owners.

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Laura Clise didn't intent to be an entrepreneur.

She spent most of her career running corporate social responsibility programs at bigger companies as a self-described "intrapeneur."

Laura saw the need for Intentionalist after developing a strong point of view about the power of consumer spending choices. There wasn't another solution available, so she started her journey as a founder. While Laura's mission is about social change, she specifically decided to take a business-driven approach to the problem. She's a believer in the power of technology and businesses as a means to create positive change.

She's now growing her marketplace that helps consumers spend with intention and gives small businesses a platform to tell their story.

Laura shares her story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • How a small startup formed partnerships with professional sports teams and top tier consumer brands.
  • What Laura learn from running corporate social responsibility programs (before becoming an entrepreneur)
  • How change management actually works.
  • Why consumers should consider speningd with more intention.
  • Reframing buying to ask "who benefits?" from our choices.
  • How to craft a story based on human connection.
  • The challenges and trade off in building a marketplace.
  • Finding opportunity in a crisis.
  • Lessons from small business owners.
  • Why First Row Partners is Laura's Seattle business role model
  • Why Jesse Wooley-Wilson is Laura's Seattle leadership role model.