Kristen Hamilton: Inquiry over Fear [Built in Seattle Ep. #27]
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Kristen Hamilton: Inquiry over Fear [Built in Seattle Ep. #27]

Kristen Hamilton, co-founder of Onvia and Koru, SVP at Guild, and startup Board member talks about the value of inquiry, overcoming fear, and being real.

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Can inquiry be the antidote to fear?

Kristen Hamilton IPO'd her first startup at just 30. She's a 2x founder, board member, and now SVP at Guild Education. She's done a lot in the last 25 years.

But she was often "operating from a place of fear."

She told me about this realization, the questions she asked herself in the low moments, and how curiosity helped her find a new mindset to move forward.

Kristen shares her lessons on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • How Kristen realized that experience matters.
  • Why she was operating from fear and what happened.
  • The real magic of teamwork and recognizing emotions.
  • The questions Kristen asked to get clarity of purpose during her time off.
  • How she found calm and ease in her work.
  • The problem with "swagger" in startup founder.
  • How Kristen is learning from the way Millennials work.
  • The added pressures facing female CEOs and executives.
  • Why achievement for achievement sake can be dangerous.
  • Being who you are versus what other people want.
  • What she learned from helping other CEOs.

Kristen Hamilton Bio

Kristen Hamilton is a technology entrepreneur and CEO with multiple exits and is currently SVP at Guild Education. She is also currently a board director of growth stage companies Top Hat and Aduro, the WTIAโ€™s private health benefits corporation, and is chair of the board of Directorsโ€™ Cup Invitational Ski Classic. Kristen co-founded predictive hiring software leader Koru, and was itโ€™s CEO until it was acquired by UK based Capfinity. She previously co-founded e-commerce pioneer Onvia and took it public on NASDAQ. She has served as an executive for large enterprises including Microsoft, where she was head of educator strategy, and World Learning, where she was COO. The primary focus of her career has been driving impact in the technology, talent and education industries. She has a passion for skiing, biking, rowing, and spending time outdoors with her two daughters.