Kelly Breslin Wright: What Really Matters [Built in Seattle Ep. #24]
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Kelly Breslin Wright: What Really Matters [Built in Seattle Ep. #24]

Kelly Breslin Wright, Board Director and Former EVP of Sales at Tableau, talks about making values work, the missionary sale, and what really matters in the long-term.

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Imagine growing sales from $0 to $850M over 12 years. Kelly did that at Tableau as EVP Sales.

It's no surprise that companies like Fastly, Lucid, Even, and Amperity have her on their boards.

But it's not just her sales record. She has insights about what really matters in company building. It's easy to say things like "focus on people" or "set clear values," but Kelly goes to the next level.

She shares her lessons on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • What really mattered in the journey from $0 to $850M in revenue.
  • How long-term relationships were the biggest pay-off from success.
  • Why having the right people is a practical imperative.
  • What matters more than optimizing operations.
  • How to make company values useful and fit the personality of a business.
  • What it looks like when companies practice what they preach.
  • How to approach a missionary sale. What works and what fails.
  • Why companies need to answer "why?"
  • The importance of clarity and consistency when articulating a company's mission.
  • What's missing when sales people can't sell like the CEO/founder.
  • How honesty creates credibility in sales, even when the answer is "no."
  • Finding balance between big thinking and daily results.
  • Driving for achievement vs being present to relationships.
  • How to take tangible action on diversity and representing women in boards.

Kelly Breslin Wright Bio

Board Director for public and private high growth companies with specialized expertise in digital transformation, go-to-market, scaling, strategy, and culture. Seasoned Sales and Technology Executive with over 30 years of deep Go-To-Market and P&L experience in leadership, sales, and operational roles. As Board Director, Advisor, and Operator, has navigated through multiple stages of growth, IPOs and financings, global expansion, CEO and leadership transitions, strategy development, crisis management, economic downturns, planning, people operations, and change management. Audit Committee and Compensation Committee member.

Kelly helps companies create best-in-class sales and marketing organizations. She assists companies in creating purpose-driven companies and getting the most out of their people by developing great cultures and workplaces. Kelly teaches an MBA course on Go-To-Market Strategy at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. She is an active leader in multiple organizations that promote the support, education, sponsorship, and placement of women in board director positions. Kelly is a frequent speaker for company meetings, leadership panels, and in university courses.

Kelly's areas of expertise include Sales | Go-To-Market | Scaling | Hyper-Growth | Technology | Data | Digital Transformation | Global | Culture | Leadership | Diversity | Change Management | Strategy | ESG | B2B | SaaS | Cloud.