Joe Heitzeberg: Validating Demand [Built in Seattle Ep. #26]
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Joe Heitzeberg: Validating Demand [Built in Seattle Ep. #26]

Crowd Cow co-founder & CEO, Joe Heitzeberg, talks about picking the right ideas, validating demand and scaling the destination for meat.

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Investors laughed at the original idea for Crowd Cow.

But consumers wanted to buy right away.

Now they've raised $25M, grow to 90 employees, and went from selling crowd-funded cows to a complete marketplace.

Joe Heitzeberg shares pronouns his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • Why tech insiders laughed at the idea.
  • What it looks like when you have more demand than supply.
  • How to test a startup by talking to strangers at Starbucks.
  • Why the idea for Crowd Cow broke Joe's spreadsheet.
  • The phases of validation *before* prototyping.
  • The secret to getting PR without doing PR.
  • Balancing your north star while testing along the way.
  • Weighing distractions vs opportunities.
  • The evolution from a single cow to a marketplace for all meat.
  • What Joe wanted to do differently as a serial entrepreneur.
  • The challenges scaling a team from scrappy learners to vertical specialists.
  • Why Joe wanted an "adventure" when picking a new company.
  • Some interesting facts about chicken breeds
  • How a tech entrepreneur and engineer built trust with farmers.

Joe Heitzeberg Bio

Joe is the CEO and co-founder of Crowd Cow, a company offering the widest assortment of local, sustainable and delicious beef, pork, chicken and seafood direct from the producer, delivered to your door. Prior to Crowd Cow, he was the co-founder and President of Madrona Venture Labs, a startup incubator and was the co-founder and CEO of MediaPiston (acquired by UpWork in 2012, IPO in 2018) and Snapvine (acquired by WhitePages in 2008). Joe graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science and has a MBA from MIT.