Jessica Eggert: Saying Yes [Built in Seattle Ep. #48]
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Jessica Eggert: Saying Yes [Built in Seattle Ep. #48]

LegUp Founder & CEO, Jessica Eggert, talks about redefining success, creating a category, and opening to possibilities.

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Being a founder wasn't in Jessica's plan.

She was one of those people with the big life plan at age 17.

By 19, she was in a corporate job climbing the ladder.

After 15 years of climbing checking off her goals, she was looking for a new definition of success.

Instead of writing a new life plan, she starting opening to possibilities and "winging it" at times. She dug into her own problems and frustrations when setting up child care for her young kids.

Many iterations later she founded LegUp ( to fix the childcare enrollment process for providers and families.

Jessica shares her story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • Making a 15-year life plan and why it doesn’t work.
  • Entering the workforce at 19 while hiding her age.
  • Moving forward without knowing what success looks like.
  • How she learned to say "yes" and open to possibilities.
  • How solving her own problems and wining it led to a business.
  • Why she kept asking "let's see what this can be."
  • Realizing she was solving the wrong problem.
  • The challenges defining and naming a category.
  • Developing company values toward diversity.
  • Recruiting people from outside tech.
  • Why Convoy is her Seattle business role model
  • Why Rebekah Bastian & Ben Gilbert are her Seattle leadership role models.