Gordon Hempton: Starting Again [Built in Seattle Ep. #47]
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Gordon Hempton: Starting Again [Built in Seattle Ep. #47]

Spot.xyz Co-Founder & CEO, Gordon Hempton, talks about founder lessons from Outreach to Spot.xyz, establishing culture, and remote work.

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Gordon had one well-known founder journey.

He co-founded Outreach, now a multi-billion-dollar, 1000+ employee company.

Now he's starting again with Spot.xyz.

That means writing code, recruiting, and establishing a culture from the ground-up.

Is he crazy? Why would he do it again? What is so exciting about Spot to bring this successful founder back into the early stage?

Gordon shares his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • The early decisions that helped Outreach thrive.
  • Why he was determined to return to the early stage.
  • The different problems between startup and scale-up.
  • Why it can help to have nothing to lose.
  • The importance of using your own products, drinking your own champagne.
  • The process of relearning 8 years later.
  • How to hire early engineers and how it's gotten harder.
  • How childhood experiences influenced the vision for Spot.
  • Why space and proximal awareness matters.
  • The potential competitive advantage for remote teams.
  • Why Remitly is Gordon's Seattle business role model.
  • Why Manny Medina is Gordon's Seattle leadership role model.