Emily Carrion: Agency vs Fear [Built in Seattle Ep. #12]
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Emily Carrion: Agency vs Fear [Built in Seattle Ep. #12]

Emily Carrion, CMO at Rubica, talks about the life of a startup marketer, benefits of a beginner's mind, and marketing to agency instead of fear.

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Rubica is fast-growing mobile security startup with $15M in funding.

With the shift to remote work, they are helping people keep devices secure. But how do you effectively message and market to a fear-inducing topic?

Emily says you can think about how to "capitalize" on the situation, or you can think about service. She's focused her effort on the latter and orienting her narrative to agency instead of fear.

Meanwhile Emily came in cold to this complex industry and has learned with a beginner's mind.

Emily shares her story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • A day in the life of a the elusive startup CMO.
  • How Emily made the transition into a new, complex industry.
  • How she learned a new space and why her lack of inside knowledge was a benefit.
  • How the Rubica leadership team put a focus on health and family.
  • Why avoid a marketing message focused on fear. And how Emily developed the market message for Rubica around agency instead of fear.
  • Marketing and story telling during a pandemic - how to talk to people like people rather than "opportunities."
  • How Rubica expanded and positioned their products to be more helpful with the rise of remote work.
  • Why Emily spends so much time talking to customers and the tactics she uses to get customer feedback.

Emily Carrion Bio

Emily Carrion leads growth, marketing, sales, and customer success at Rubica. A five-time technology start-up veteran and executive marketing leader, Emily has been instrumental in growing brands such as Textio, Apptentive, Mixpo and Point Inside. She’s experienced in building brands that customers love, driving revenue growth, collaborating across the organization, and building high-performing teams. She’s equal parts strategic and tactical, data driven and creative storyteller, leader and a doer. She thrives in high-growth startup environments, and brings an obsession for learning, culture of experimentation, results-orientation, and contagious optimism. Emily has an MBA from Seattle University and now serves on the Board of Directors of Seattle University’s Entrepreneurship Center, and a BA from Whitman College.