Dave Rigotti: Process Over Destination [Built in Seattle Ep. #44]
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Dave Rigotti: Process Over Destination [Built in Seattle Ep. #44]

Inflection CEO & Co-Founder, Dave Rigotti, talks about the path from marketer to founder, managing energy, asking the right questions, and playing the long game.

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After starting his career at Microsoft, Dave was the first marketer at Bizible.

As the company grew, Dave scaled to VP and then took on marketing leadership roles at Marketo and Adobe via acquisitions.

Growing up in small-town Ohio, Dave admired local entrepreneurs running landscaping businesses and car washes. He always wanted to build a business from the ground-up, but hadn't yet found his niche.

After an impressive career in marketing leadership, he's starting a new journey as co-founder and CEO at Inflection. We get to hear from Dave in the very early stages of this new stealth marketing tech startup.

Of course, he still operates with a small-town Ohio style. Maybe that's why he's known as the nicest man in marketing tech (at least by me)?

He told me that he cares more about the process than the destination. And that relationships are the best investment.

Dave shares his story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • Why he makes a habit of sharing hard lessons.
  • The transition from Microsoft to a 6-person startup.
  • A day in the life of a "first marketing hire."
  • How he scaled from contributor to people manager to executive.
  • Why learning to "let go" led to surprising results.
  • How he shifted mindsets between big companies and small companies.
  • What he learned from landscaping and car wash operators in Ohio.
  • The biggest challenges in doing customer development.
  • How to manage energy with weekly, daily, and hourly swings.
  • Why relationships are his key to the very long game.
  • How he find new insights from old call recordings.
  • Why Esper and Ally are his Seattle business role models.
  • Why Leslie Feinzaig and MH Lines are his Seattle leader role models.