Daniela Luzi Tudor: Principles from Recovery [Built in Seattle Ep. #2]
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Daniela Luzi Tudor: Principles from Recovery [Built in Seattle Ep. #2]

Daniela Luzi Tudor, CEO & co-founder at WEconnect Health, talks about solving the $440B substance abuse problem that she experienced first-hand.

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Substance abuse doesn't get much attention. Daniela Tudor experienced it first hand.

Now she's an entrepreneur working to fix the recovery system for others.

Daniela's story opened my eyes to a problem that admittedly wasn't on my radar. She had a problem. She hit bottom. She even ended up in a Burien, WA jail. But she was able to get help. And in the process, she saw the flaws in the patient recovery system. As an entrepreneur who understood technology, she wanted to help others.

That led to WEconnect Health.

Now she’s building her business in Seattle and helping raise awareness for this $440B problem.

Daniela shares her story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • Daniela's personal story of substance abuse that led to the idea for WEconnect.
  • How she met her co-founder, Murphy Jensen, former professional tennis player while on Richard Branson's island.
  • The challenges building as a B2B2C business that doesn't fit the typical mold.
  • How the principles that Daniela learned in recovery have helped influence her company culture, the way she runs meetings, and how she treats people.
  • Raising money, growing the business, and building a company culture.
  • Daniela's lessons along the way and her view on the Seattle startup community

Daniela Luzi Tudor Bio

Daniela Luzi Tudor is a serial entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of WEconnect Health, an on-the-go custom support and connection system for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. This venture is guided by Daniela's core mission: Using the vast potential of technology to connect people and communities for physical and spiritual health. Her belief in the combined power of art, music, and technology to build communities and solve problems stems from her own experience with overcoming adversity.

Daniela's career has had a dual focus on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. She has founded or been instrumental in three start-ups: WEconnect, The Beats Running Events, and SoundStrokes. She has a strong track record as an intrapreneur/tech. evangelist in the technology world. Her career also had a heavy focus on building successful engineering and development teams on a consulting basis for major enterprises such as Microsoft.

The story behind Daniela's inspiration for WEconnect and work on the WEconnect mobile app has been featured in Techstars Blog, Forbes, TechCrunch, Geekwire, Seattle Times and more.