Ambika Singh: Learning From Others [Built in Seattle Ep. #14]
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Ambika Singh: Learning From Others [Built in Seattle Ep. #14]

Amoire Founder and Chief Bosslady, Ambika Singh, talks about how she learns, pitching, and the good and bad of being woman founder in Seattle.

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Amoire is 3.5 year into building the "dream closet" for woman, $5M in funding, 50 employees, and 1000s of customers.

They are shipping 10s of thousands of garments to 1000s of customers in every state. And building a digital experience. And tackling all the normal obstacles. And doing it during a pandemic.

Through it all Ambika is one of the most positive leaders I've met and has a remarkable discipline about learning from others.

She shares her story on this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast

Episode Highlights

  • The controversy of her "Chief Bosslady" title.
  • Getting the confidence to share her ideas.
  • Learning to pitch her product to friends and why it's important.
  • How the idea for Amoire stood out from her other ideas.
  • Ambika's religion of learning from others.
  • Why "buddies" instead of mentors.
  • Business school vs Microsoft vs startups.
  • The obstacles in getting started.
  • The logistics of moving 10s of thousands of garments.
  • Finding positive in the pandemic

Ambika Singh Bio

Currently on the journey of a lifetime, helping to revolutionize the way women dress. A graduate of Dartmouth College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School, I work to make women’s lives a bit easier with Seattle-based startup- high-tech, high-touch company, Armoire, which offers a true “wardrobe as service” experience. Busy women need no longer waste hours scrolling through endless retail webpages, or feeling their way through crammed racks of clothing; for a flat, monthly subscription fee, Armoire members gain access to an unlimited, curated virtual closet of high-end pieces from dresses, to sweaters, to jeans, and more. Passionate, upbeat, and success-driven, I have worked across diverse contexts in organizations both small and large, with roles in marketing, business development, product management, SEO and social media. Additionally, I played a key role in the creation of internet startups and as well as two major Microsoft product launches: Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. This year, I was fortunate enough to be featured on the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list, in The Seattle Times, and was invited to speak at Amazon, Microsoft, American Express, Harvard Business School, MIT, and the UW Foster School of Business.