Themes & Thanksgiving [Built in Seattle Ep. #29]
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Themes & Thanksgiving [Built in Seattle Ep. #29]

No guest on this episode. 😱 I went to the archives and recapped my 3 favorite themes, why I'm thankful for your support, and what's next on this podcast.

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Happy Thanksgiving week! 🦃🙏 Thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far.

I tried something different on this episode. I didn’t have a guest. Instead of one long-form interview, I looked back at 30 interviews and shared my take on the biggest themes.

But don't worry – it's not just my voice. I pulled in quotes and clips from 7 different interviews so that you could hear from the source and inspiration for each take-away.

I went over three themes with some vivid soundbites from seven different guests.

1.) How humility looks in practice. Included my favorite clips from Manny Medina, Glenn Kelman, and Matt McIlwain.

2.) Balancing analysis with intuition. Stitched in stories from Leslie Feinzaig and Matt Oppenheimer.

3.) Playing the long game. Highlighted with ideas from Kelly Breslin Wright and Liz Pearce.